Помогите пожалуйста выполнить тест...

Помогите пожалуйста выполнить тест по английскому...Помогите пожалуйста выполнить тест по английскому языку!
1. Fill in the articles where necessary:
A a
B an
C the
D -
a) And raw hates … examinations.
b) I find … History an interesting subject.
c) … young should listen to … old.
d) She can play … guitar and … saxophone.
e) … architect designs buildings.
f) He only caves about … money.
g) I enjoy lying in sun.
h) I am … student.
i) –Where is Simon?
-He is in … bathroom.
j) –Are you hot? I’ll open … window.
k) –I’d like … hamburger, please.
l) There is … post office in West Street.
2. Choose the right article where necessary:
A a
B an
C the
D -
“George Elephant! ” – called … clerk in … court; and … small man with … glasses was brought. “Are you … George Elephant? ” Elephant? Asked … clerk.
“I am”
“You are charged with … murder that you at … Golders Dreen on … 19th day of … January 1948 murdered Jane Elephant. Now, say you, George Elephant, are you guilty or not guilty?
“Not guilty”.
“Very well”, said … Judge. “You may sit down”.
Only … few people were interested in … case … fact as stated were very simple. On … 20th of … January … prisoner had walked into … police station. “I have cut my wife’s throat”, he said. “She is quite dead”.



a) And raw hates examinations (no article, or zero article at is called
b) I find history an interesting subject (no article)
3) The young should listen to the old
4) She can play the guitar and the saxophone
5) An architect designs buildings.
6) He only cares about money.
7) There is a post office in West Street.

called a clerk the court... a small man with the glasses/// Are you George Elephant?... asked the clerk.
Your are charge with the murder that you at Golders Dreen on the 19th day of January 1948...

Only a few people were interested in the case
On the 20th of January a prisoner had walked into a police station.

7) I'd like a hamburger, please
7) I enjoy lying in the sun
8) I am a student
10) Where is Simon?
- He is in the bathroom
11) Are you hot? I'll open the window.

a -
b -
c the, the
d the, the
e -
f -
g in the sun
h a
i the
j the
k a
l a

the, the, a, -, -, the, the, -, the, -, the, a, -, the, the, -, the, the