Тест по английскому

Тест по английскомутест по английскому
34. … everything, it was not a bad offer.
a) Have considered
b) considered
c) consider
d) considering

35. We examined the boxes. . . spares
a) contain
b) containing
c) contained
d) are contained

36. I have spent all my money. . . presents.
a) buying
b) bought
c) to have bought
d) buy

37. I expect him to talk care. . . these payment orders.
a) after
b) of
c) to
d) on

38. The talks were aimed … signing the contract.
a) at
b) in
c) on
d) with

39. The rest … the equipment has not arrived yet.
a) to
b) in
c) –
d) of

40. A friend of mine … the marketing department of Smith and Sons.
a) relies
b) specializes
c) charges
d) runs

41. Articles of trade and commerce, wares, products are called …
a) departments
b) customers
c) services
d) goods


34. d)
35. b)
36. a)
37. b)
38. a)
39. d)
40. d)
41. d)