Тесты по английскому

Тесты по английскомутесты по английскому


Test 3
1 We have a black dog.
2 The cat is under the box.
3 What is your name?
4 What is your father's name?
5 This is a flag.

1 Is her name Kate? - No, it isn't. Her name isn't Kate.
2 Is it in the box? - No, it isn't. It isn't in the box.
3 Are the pencils on the table? - No, they aren't. The pencils aren't on the table.

1 We are the pupils.
2 This is my bEd.
3 Where is my pen?
4 The pupils are in the classroom.
5 I am a student.
6 What is this? It is a pen.
7 What is that? It is a book.

1 The girl is at the desk.
2 The pencils are in the pencil-box.
3 There is a lamp on the table.
4 There is a sofa under the window.

1 There are seven days in a week.
2 There are four weeks in a month.
3 There are twelve months in a year.

1 C) No, I haven't.
3??? не видно!

1 B) She is beautiful
2 C) I have got one sister
3 C) Yes, they are his

VIII - здесь нужны ваши личные ответы

Какова ваша цель изучения английского, если на самом начальном\элементарном этапе вы просите помощи??? Не понимаю!