Помогите, пожалуйста, сделать тест...

Помогите, пожалуйста, сделать тест по английскому...Помогите, пожалуйста, сделать тест по английскому языку!!!! Нужно вариант ответа выбрать)))
Choose the sentence. Give one answer only.
1. There aren′t many sharks in …. . Mediterranean. There are a lot of them in …. Red Sea.
A. the, the
B. -, the
C. -, -
D. the, -
2. The police officer has taken two …. who stole some things from the shops.
A. thieves
B. thiefs
C. thiefes
D. thieves
3. I like to read fairy tales in which …. are kind and drave.
A. heros
B. heroes
C. hero
D. hero′s
4. The highest peak in …. Alps is …. Mont Blanc.
A. the, the
B. -, -
C. the, -
D. -, the
5. What are you doing …. . Friday evening?
A. –
B. on
C. in
D. at
6. The nature is so beautiful …. . sunsise/
A. on
B. at
C. in
D. –
7. I like to receive presents from my friends …. Christmas.
A. in
B. on
C. at
D. –
8. I opened the door, but there wasn’t …. In the house.
A. nobody
B. somebody
C. anybody
D. someone
9. He is surprised Kate is only 25. He thought she was …. .
A. more old
B. elder
C. older
D. the oldest
10. It’s …… dish I have ever tasted.
A. the most delicious
B. more delicious
C. the deliciousest
D. the deliciouser
11. Where …. . you …. . tomorrow evening?
A. are, going
B. will, going
C. do, go
D. is, go
12. Last night I …. . a book when suddenly I …. . a strange noise.
A. was reading, heard
B. read, was hearing
C. readed, heared
D. readed, was hearing
13. When he came to the café, his friend …. Already …. home.
A. has, gone
B. was, gone
C. had, gone
D. -, went
14. It′s awful. You …. television since early morning. Stop it! You should do something useful.
A. watch
B. have been watching
C. are watching
D. hare watched
15. I …. Mary when I was at the theatre last night.
A. didn’t saw
B. was not seeing
C. wasn’t seen
D. didn’t seen
16. If he …. A pilot, he …. A plane.
A. is, ′d fly
B. had been, would flown
C. have, would fly
D. were, ′d fly
17. Yesterday all flights …. Because of fog.
A. was cancelled
B. cancelled
C. have cancelled
D. were cancelled
18. Ann …. . for me when I arrived.
A. was waiting
B. waits
C. is waiting
D. waiting
19. I wish he …. . now.
A. will come
B. would came
C. came
D. would have come
20. We …… our work by this time tomorrow.
A. will finish
B. would have finish
C. finish
D. ′ll have finished


Могут быть ошибки
1 a
2 thieves
10 C или A не уверен (
13C. наверно
14 B наверно
15 B сомневаюсь
16 D сомневаюсь
17 D
18 A
19 D
20 не знаю. Наверно D