Срочно! очень срочно нужна помощь в...

Срочно!  очень срочно нужна помощь в тесте по...срочно!!! очень срочно нужна помощь в тесте по английскому!!!!
1. . . a book I got involved and forgot about my problems.
a) while read
b) read
c) reading
d) being read

2. Show me the list of experts. . . out this program.
a) are working
b) worked
c) working
d) work

3. We got in touch with the firm. . . office equipment.
a) produce
b) produced
c) is producing
d) producing

[ссылка появится после проверки модератором] was having fun. . . a computer game.
a) play
b) while played
c) playing
d) played

5. When. . . a letter of inquiry you should give a detailed description of the goods you want to buy.
a) written
b) will write
c) writing
d) to write

6. While. . . through the price-lists they realized that the prices were much higher than those of other companies.
a) looked
b) to look
c) looking
d) are looking

7. When. . . their latest model they mentioned a possibility of a discount.
a) are offered
b) to offer
c) offer
d) offering

8. Exhibitions and fairs contribute. . . the development of trade.
a) to
b) in
c) for
d) with

9. The article was devoted. . . the latest business events.
a) by
b) to
c) about
d) with

10. We can deliver you spares in addition. . . the first consignment.
a) with
b) on
c) for
d) to


2 b
3 c
4 а
5 b
6 a
7 a
9 b
10 a